Empirical is committed to retaining talented and dedicated employees and values the unique set of skills and talents that each individual brings to our organization.

We know that a competitive salary is only one component for a positive employment experience. Empirical recognizes that overall job satisfaction is achieved through financial compensation, a healthy working environment, advancement opportunities, and continuous professional development. Our benefits include the following:


The benefit information and explanations do not adequately provide all the details associated with our offerings. These general explanations do not change, expand, or otherwise interpret the terms and conditions of our plan offerings. Any conflicts between the descriptions provided and the plan documents, the terms and conditions specifically outlined in the plan documents will be followed in determining rights and benefits under each plan.


Empirical offers a highly competitive compensation package, which includes annual merit based increases.

Bonus Program

Empirical offers a comprehensive bonus program that rewards employees for outstanding achievements, accomplishments, performance and dedication to the firm objectives. Since these activities help further the company’s goals, we believe that our employees should also benefit from their outstanding performance. Empirical offers a suite of bonus incentives, which includes the following:

  • Performance Based Annual Bonuses
  • Employee Referral Bonuses
  • Bonuses for Company Designated Certifications
  • New Business Development Bonuses

Medical, Dental and Vision

Empirical believes that individual and family health care is of paramount importance. This has driven us to provide an outstanding health care package for employees, their families and domestic partners. We offer a selection of insurance plans to support the needs of each employee.

Empirical’s healthcare offerings include competitive medical, dental and vision plans. This includes multiple top tiered Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant medical options with out-of-network access (no need for referrals to see specialists). Each of our plans include national and limited international coverage benefits with prescription drug coverage included with our medical plans. As part of offerings, we provide a generous traditional dental plan with open access to see the dentist of your choosing, along with a top-tiered vision plan with an annual replacement allowance.

Life and Disability Insurance

Empirical has established a variety of insurance packages designed to protect our professionals and their families from unforeseen circumstances that may otherwise adversely impact their financial stability. As a component of our insurance offerings, each employee is provided with company sponsored Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance. This is supplemented by employee paid voluntary extended coverage for spouse and dependents.

Empirical also offers fully covered short and long-term group disability insurance plans that provide the highest industry wide income replacement values. This program includes our:

  • Short-term disability package includes the industry’s best waiting periods, maternity benefits and seamless integration with our long-term disability plan; and
  • Long-term disability package includes industry best benefits period, as well as partial disability benefits payable.


Employees looking to improve their long-term financial security, may elect to participate in Empirical’s voluntary 401(k) program, which provides an opportunity to save through pre-tax contributions. Empirical contributes to each employee’s retirement goals through matching Employer contributions.

Professional Development

Empirical is committed to the professional development of each of our employees and provides each with the tools necessary to meet individual career goals and objectives, which includes:

  • Traditional classroom and on-line training by award winning third party vendors
  • In-house and developmental training programs that strengthen functional, operational and leadership skills
  • Leadership development programs for our managers and supervisors
  • Mentoring program
  • Continuing Professional Education (CPE) reimbursement
  • Certification exam and preparation reimbursement program for approved certifications

Professional Affiliations

Empirical supports our team members in networking with others through their participation in professional organizations. Empirical reimburses individuals for dues paid in connection with their membership, up to three approved organizations. This provides another avenue for further professional development through networking events and seminars.

Empirical Community

Empirical provides a variety of programs and social events to foster the inclusion and participation of all our employees. This facilitates the exchange of ideas, knowledge, information and assistance across corporate engagements. These events and activities include participation in Holiday parties, sporting events, company picnics and other social and team building activities.